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  • Erin Gleason Alvarez

Meditation + Negotiation? Here’s the Connection….

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Hi there negotiators,

How many times have you been in a negotiation and needed a break? Maybe you were at an impasse in the discussion… Or the conversation had dragged on longer than anticipated… Or it just did not feel like it was fair. In these situations, it is normal to feel tired, annoyed, angry, fed up, nervous, or all of the above.

Nowadays for me, the ability to step away from a negotiation for a few moments is a great way to breathe new life into the conversation. I do this for myself and coach others to do so when I am helping to facilitate their negotiations, as a mediator.

But what happens when you step out of that room? Where do you go and what do you do?

It took me a while to realize that this is an ideal moment for a brief meditation. For years, when I stepped away from the negotiation table for a break, I stewed in my emotions (mostly anger). It was often hard for me to focus. Too many thoughts and feelings running through my head to keep track.

Once I found meditation, I realized what an important role it can play in negotiations.

A few moments of quiet meditation helps to calm the mind, regain your center, and refocus on what's really important. And these are very important things to cultivate in order to experience successful negotiations.

We created this quick meditation to keep you grounded.

In this three-minute meditation, you'll be guided out of the vexing negotiation to a calmer space (complete with ocean waves in the background) where you will focus on your breathing. This, in turn, will help you release any anger, frustration, nervousness or other emotions that might distract you from what's important.... building a productive dialogue and finding solutions.

Click below to download your complimentary copy. After you’ve listened, please drop me a line to let me know what you think. This is the first in a suite of negotiation meditations that my team is creating and producing. So, feel free to send me any suggestions or requests.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. We are ramping up for 2022… lots of news coming up so stay tuned!

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