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  • Erin Gleason Alvarez

Advanced Negotiation Workshop: Prepare for Success With Mindfulness

Doors open June 28, 2022.

As a negotiation coach and as a mediator, I get a bird's eye view into how people get ready to negotiate. Some people wing it because they don't know what else to do. Some people spend some time thinking about the negotiation, but assume that since it is a fluid process there is no point in spending time preparing. Others have elaborate systems for thinking through every possibility and option.

Whose approach is best? It's usually the folks in the latter category. Why? Because they've really made an effort to see every side of the problem, to analyze it, and brainstorm solutions. This is usually much more helpful than winging it...

There are two important steps that everyone should take in preparing for negotiation.

  1. Write out the reasons why you need to have this negotiation and what you need to accomplish.

  2. Do the same thing for every other person who will participate in the negotiation - without judgment.

This is not a difficult exercise and it needn't be time-consuming or laborious. But it should happen before you sit down to any negotiation table.

The second step is particularly important - and often overlooked. Remember that negotiation is all about give and take. It is a collaborative process. In order to collaborate well, you need to appreciate where others are coming from and why.

A third step that can really make a difference...


Meditation is a great way to regulate our emotions, decrease stress and anxiety, focus our attention, and observe our thoughts and surroundings without judgment.

Who does not want to approach negotiations with this mindset?

There's no harm in trying.

Starting on Tuesday, June 28 (new moon energy), you can get access to my workshop on negotiations preparations. This Advanced Negotiation Workshop: Prepare for Success With Mindfulness will be available until 7/22/22 for $22.22 (you can keep it forever but you cannot buy it after 7/22). You can even try it out for free with a recorded meditation on negotiation planning. Because that just feels like good luck for everybody.

This quick summertime primer on negotiation success includes the following - all of which you can explore at your own pace:

  • An overview on mindfulness in negotiation

  • Mindfulness journal

  • Recorded mindfulness meditation for negotiation planning

  • Negotiation planning workshop

  • Template negotiation plan

No one wants to walk into an important negotiation with feelings of uncertainty or dread - whether that negotiation is about your salary, your business, or a deal for your client.

You deserve better and we have the training to set you up for greater negotiation success.

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