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Negotiation is a key element in your team's success, whether they are negotiating deals, settlements, clients relations, or on their own behalf.  But many people approach the negotiation table with a negative perspective - looking for problems, neglecting proper planning strategies, or even expecting the worst.


Mindfulness in negotiation is the key to better negotiation experiences and outcomes for your people.

Our corporate negotiation training programs teach participants how to problem-solve and make better decisions at the negotiation table utilizing tools from mindfulness.  We do this by providing education on the theories that underlie these practices, advising on practical tips, and a creating a space to digest all of this information.

Leveraging mindfulness in the context of negotiations is a dynamic process.  Cultivating  these skills requires more than reading a book, or taking another class.  It's a process that takes time and often a commitment to stepping outside your comfort zone. 


To facilitate this process, our Founder & CEO teaches classes (in-person or online), provides students with individual work to explore on their own, and facilitates group coaching sessions.  As such, our programs typically run for eight weeks.  Studies have shown that this eight week commitment can result in lasting change for students.

Take Charge Negotiations | Negotiation Training


I enjoyed learning about new ways of thinking about approaching negotiations. Erin was full of terrific insights, and the monthly lessons were full of practical exercises designed to help negotiators feel more in control of the process.

Law Firm Founding Partner

Erin’s approach to negotiation in everyday life and work is spot on! Her tips for managing relationships and staying grounded and present during challenging conversations are sure to make them more productive and positive in any situation.


Mindful negotiation helps focus attention and energy away from personal dynamics and performance to finding a common goal.

Law Firm Partner

Erin has helped me realize you shouldn’t just wing a negotiation. So far this has taught me that mindfulness and visualization can go a long way with negotiating and I am looking forward to learning even more strategies for success!

Healthcare Worker

Compass has taught me to truly listen to opposite opinions instead of turning them off when I disagree. I’ve also been able to apply this to my personal life and listening and trying to understand a different perspective has brought for a more peaceful environment when difficult issues present themselves. This really works for me.


Excellent, well expressed, very positive and practical!!


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