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Negotiation is a key element in your team's success, whether they are negotiating deals, settlements, clients relations, or on their own behalf.  But many people approach the negotiation table with a negative perspective - looking for problems, neglecting proper planning strategies, or even expecting the worst.


That's not good enough.

Mindfulness in negotiation is the key to better negotiation experiences and outcomes for your people.

Life can get filled up with heartaches and headaches, the likes of which have been unprecedented in recent years.  From the personal ways we have experienced pandemic and injustice - to the local, global, and universal reactions to these crises.

It's important for your employees to know
that they are not alone in this.  
The Take Charge Negotiations training experience shows people how to handle what gets thrown at us every day, so we can use that knowledge as a boost when the pressure inevitably goes up.

In a world that often teaches us to forget our internal strength and the successes we achieve every day, mindfulness in negotiation techniques keep people grounded and moving forward in positive ways.

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