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  • Erin Gleason Alvarez

goop + Take Charge Negotiations

I am thrilled to share goop's interview with me about the importance of mindfulness in negotiations.

Here's an excerpt from the article:


What common mistakes do people make when it comes to negotiating?


When a negotiation comes up, people tend to retreat to their respective corners instead of thinking about each other. People would be better served and would have better negotiations if they spent time thinking about not only what it is that they’re trying to get from this discussion but also how their goals are going to be received by the people that they’re negotiating with. It’s taking some time to think through: What are my interests and why is this important to me? How is that going to feel for the people that I’m talking to and where are the places that I see the biggest gaps between us? Are there other places where maybe the gaps are not so big? Maybe that’s where you can start to build a collaboration. Negotiations often start out very tense, but if you come at it more collaboratively, and if you have an understanding of the other person’s or other people’s perspectives, that really helps. It helps develop trust in the discussion as well.

Click here to read the full interview.

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